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Top 10 Attractions in Ontario, Canada

Tall buildings, grand festivals and exciting adventures, all in one of Canada’s largest provinces. No wonder so many people come here to visit

Niagara Falls

You may think that one-time visit to Niagara Falls is enough. However, the sound of the splashing water as you approach the waterfall, the mist blowing when you look up at this natural wonder with a 165-foot drop, and the awe-inspiring majesty of the waterfall will make every visit There are new gains from the visit. There are many different ways to experience Niagara Falls. Perhaps the most classic way to visit is to take a cruise to enjoy the steamy scenery up close. You can also go on a Journey Behind the Falls adventure and go through tunnels to actually dive behind the curtains. You can also take in the views from the helicopter or enjoy the colorful light show as night falls. Enjoy the sights and entertainment that surrounds you, and you’ll see why a classic is always a classic.

Algonquin Provincial Park

If you make a list of all the outdoor activities you can think of, you’ll find that 90% of them can be found in Algonquin Park. This Ontario’s first provincial park has activities to suit every taste. Warm weather for backcountry camping, backpacking, biking, boating, fishing, picnicking, swimming, lone rafting and wildlife viewing. In winter, experience skiing, snowmobiling and dog sledding. There are more than 1,500 lakes in the park, nearly 750 miles of rivers and streams, and more than 1,200 campgrounds along the coast. That said, there are plenty of reasons to entice you to play here.

Stratford Festival

t’s no easy task to travel just in time for the festival, but it’s no problem for The Stratford Festival, North America’s premier festival of classic theatre every year It will be held for seven months. From April to October, a variety of high-quality, youth-friendly theatrical productions are staged here. From Shabra to Moe, tragedy to comedy, choreographed musicals to solo performances, the Stratford Festival is the best place in Canada to dress up and watch the show .

CN Tower Edge Walk

The CN Tower is one of Canada’s most famous landmarks. Climbing the 1,815-foot-tall structure is more than just a view, though. Intrepid visitors can experience walking on a 113-story glass floor just 2.5 inches thick. More adventurous visitors can climb to the 146-story SkyPod for a panoramic view of the city. But the truly engaging and unique experience is EdgeWalk. Wear protective gear and walk along the edge outside the TV station with nothing but air between it and the ground. This experience is not suitable for tourists who are afraid of heights and have heart diseases. It is very suitable for tourists who are adventurous and want to share this world’s highest, full-circle unarmed outdoor high-altitude experience with friends.

Parliament Hill

Not only the seat of government, but also a cultural and community center, Canada’s Parliament Hill provides an excellent venue for a variety of events. For example, you can do yoga in Capitol Hill, and every Wednesday at noon in summer, hundreds of people come to this iconic building with yoga mats and yoga clothes to stretch their bodies. Watch the 30-minute sound and light show, where captivating and beautiful stories are projected onto the Parliament Buildings. In addition, there are more traditional activities. Head to the historic Peace Tower for a 360-degree view of the city, watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony, and of course enter the building

Ottawa Valley Rafting

North of Ottawa, the Ottawa River rushes through the Canadian Shield, a waterway once traversed by Aboriginal and Chinese merchants, and is now a paradise for rafting adventures. In fact, the Ottawa Valley is known as the “Rafting Capital of Canada.” Choose a local rafting company and steer your way safely through the rapids along some of the world’s top rafting routes with an experienced guide. Rafting comes in different levels of difficulty and intensity, so even inexperienced tourists can enjoy rafting, just hop on a boat and have a good time.

The Great Spirit Circle Trail

The Great Spirit Circle Trail is a true cultural journey where visitors can experience the life of the Anishinaabe Aboriginal people on Manitoulin Island. Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater island in the world. From waterfalls to breathtaking views, the island’s natural beauty is only matched by its culture and traditions. There are seven Aboriginal settlements on Manitoulin Island, and the rich Anishnabi history is of great significance to all of them. The local guides on the Daling Ring Trail will take you to learn about the history, natural environment and island of the island, listen to their stories, taste their food, and even participate in traditional ceremonies.

Agawa Canyon Tour Train

This is an unusual fire sightseeing tour. Climb aboard the Agawa Canyon Tour Train and you’ll enjoy a day-long journey in modern fire comfort, through the heart of Canada’s wild nature, and discover the western part of Ontario The frontier, through the huge windows, admire the lakes and rivers, Canadian Shield forests and granite formations along the way. An audio guide will tell you about interesting landmarks and the history of the local Ojibwe, the original settlers, to contemporary explorers. Best of all, go 500 feet below the ground in the Agwa Gorge, get out of the box, explore the gorge from the bottom or from the 250-foot viewing platform, and marvel at the natural majesty of the last ice age .

Fort William Historical Park

Travel back 200 years and relive the lives of travelers at Fort William Historical Park. The park was formerly the headquarters of the North West Company’s inland fork trade in the early 19th century, which played an important role in Canada’s founding. Traveling through 42 historic buildings that have been painstakingly rebuilt based on archaeological finds and research, it’s as if time has gone back. Interact with and listen to the participants of the 19th century boa trade – Scottish bog traders, French travellers, artisans, farmers, Ojibwa and Métis Aboriginals story. Watch the shipbuilding and tin iron forging process. Dive into this now-gone era and gain an in-depth look at the life of a businessman.

1000 Islands

The Thousand Islands (1000 Islands) are located on the St. Lawrence Seaway, near the border between Ontario and the United States. Most people take a boat trip to learn about local history, from actual pirates, smugglers to politicians who lived or traveled here. The castles and mansions used by the rich and famous for their weekend getaways are amazing. Outdoor adventures here are equally exciting. You can go diving or fishing in the 200 wreck area. There are 30 public golf courses in the area, as well as a wealth of rowing and solo activities. If you just want to relax, you can enjoy the view while enjoying the local wine.

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