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The Most Updated Covid Requirements for Popular Destinations

Travelling abroad? These are the most updated PCR test information you need to know!
In view of the current COVID-19 situation, requirements for all passengers flying from our consular district (Ontario and Manitoba) to China are as follows:
1. Passengers taking direct flight from Canada to China.
Take one nucleic acid (PCR) test within 48 hours before boarding. The PCR test can be done at any medical institution recognized by the Canadian public health authorities in our consular district. Antigen test or any kind of rapid test will not be accepted.
After obtaining the negative certificate of the PCR test, please apply for the green QR code with “HDC” mark by logging on:
For non-Chinese citizens, please upload the negative certificate of the  PCR test, passport, valid Chinese visa or resident permit, as well as flight itinerary.
2.Transit Passengers
Transit passengers from a third country can choose either the departing place or Toronto to take the PCR test and apply to the correspondent Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General. Please be aware that the PCR test must be done within 48 hours before boarding the flight in Toronto.

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Before departing to Hong Kong, please pay attention to the relevant inbound control arrangements.
All inbound persons are required to complete the online Health Declaration Form of the Department of Health ( prior to their arrival at Hong Kong.
Inbound persons arriving from overseas places or Taiwan are required to conduct a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) with a negative result within 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of departure of the flight to Hong Kong. These persons are advised to complete the online Health Declaration Form after they have obtained the negative RAT result. After submitting the declaration and upon confirmation of boarding requirements being met, the system will generate a green Health Declaration QR code. Please save the QR code (which can be a downloadable version of the QR code, a screen shot or a printout).
Please present the green Health Declaration QR code at check-in for verification by airlines for boarding. Please also show the QR code to the border control point staff upon arriving at Hong Kong.
For arrival via Hong Kong International Airport, the QR code is valid for 96 hours; for arrival via land control points, the QR code is valid for 24 hours.
Please click here to read the relevant FAQs for more information on the arrangement for declaration of non-local COVID-19 vaccination record. Arrivals holding a visa with insufficient validity period will be denied entry.

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Starting September 29, 2022,
all inbound passengers are required to observe the mandatory policy of three days of quarantine and four days of self-initiated epidemic prevention at their home or the residence of a friend or family member that meets the requirement of one person per room. Individuals aged two and above will be provided with four at-home rapid test kits.

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From October 11, 2022, for all cross-border travelers and returnees from countries/regions where the B.1.1.529 Omicron variant becomes dominant (all countries/regions except for those where COVID-19 variants other than the Omicron variant become dominant), self-quarantine in places such as their own residence or accommodations and refraining from use of public transportation are no longer required in principle. On arrival COVID-19 testing is no longer required unless entrants or returnees are suspected of having COVID-19.

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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, visa-free for Canadians are suspended until further notice and visas for leisure are not being processed. Please refer to the sites below for more information regarding updates on Korea’s immigration policies.

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